Malibu Hardwood Floors is your one-stop shop for wood flooring installations and hardwood floor refinishing services on the West-side!

Malibu Hardwood Floors is your one-stop shop for wood flooring installations and hardwood floor refinishing services on the West-side!

Malibu Hardwood Floors has been serving Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica Thousand Oaks and Calabasas for over 25 years, and we’re still going strong. We’re a flooring company in Malibu that only deals with clients who want or have wood flooring in their homes or offices. We stick to hardwood floors because we feel that of all the conventional floor types, wood floors are the best, safest and most rewarding. Knowing this, we’ve achieved great things in the field of wood flooring, and have worked with private individuals as well as large companies over a variety of project types, from residential to commercial. In fact, we’re so sure that you’ll love your new hard wood floors, that we guarantee your satisfaction 100%. How do we guarantee this? Our A+ rating by the BBB ensures that you and your time are respected, while our NWFA certification will ensure that your floor comes out perfect, each and every time.

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Malibu hardwood floors Installation, Refinishing, Repair, Buffing
and more – we do it all!  In business since 1983!

Here at our Malibu Hardwood floor services, we have dozens and dozens of services that can fit all of your needs, from the basics to the complicated stuff. We offer general services for routine wood floor projects and specialized services for tricky projects. Our installation service will bring new wood floors to your home or office, our refinishing will bring your floor back from the brink, and our repair will remove all traces of damage from your floor.

For best results, install new wood floors in your Malibu property!

Our hardwood installation service starts off by completely removing your old floor, and testing the sub-floor underneath. If the test results are satisfactory, the sub-floor will be left there, if not, it will be removed. Once the sub-floor is taken care of, the new floor is installed above it, and then treated with various chemicals and stained. After the stain dries, it will be covered with several coats of polyurethane; this will seal in the stain as well as protect the floor from damage.  Don’t wait any longer, increase the ROI on your property and let Malibu Hardwood Floors’ services take care of you today!

Lower cost, same result, Guaranteed!
Malibu Hardwood Floors is the perfect choice.

If you already have wood flooring, but it’s getting worse-for-wear, then try our hardwood refinishing services in Malibu, CA. We specialize in bringing floors back from the brink, and make them look better than ever. The trick is to sand down the floor multiple times, and then apply a special mixture of of safe chemicals that strengthens the floor for another decade or two. Once the chemicals dry, the new or old stain is applied. After the stain dries, several thick coats of polyurethane are applied, this helps seal in the stain as well as protect your wood floor from damage in the future.

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